ASG Group

ASG was originally founded in South Africa in 1999 by Heinrich Dannhauser as a company specializing in software, business consulting, real estate, logistics and finance. In 2006, after having achieved great success in these areas, Heinrich decided to expand his interest into the distribution of sports products. He founded ASG Sport Solutions, initially assuring the exclusive distribution of Rudy Project, Pinarello, Sidi before becoming the industry leader in just a few years.

In 2011, ASG International was founded. This led to a strategic partnership between ASG Sport Solutions South Africa and the Italian SCICON SPORTS (leader in the production of bicycle technical bags). ASG International is headquartered in Mussolente (VI) in the north east of Italy, in the center of the Silicon Valley of the Italian sporting goods industry. It’s an ideal business management area that includes SCICON SPORTS, Ftech bike clothing, Custom Concepts promotional items, and in South Africa the distribution of prestigious bike brands, retail shops and sports events.

In 2016, the investment fund Capitalworks joined as a shareholder of ASG, ensuring the group’s rapid expansion of its operations worldwide. In 2017 ASG International expands its operations in the field of sports management, licensing and marketing services by creating the ASG Sport Management division in Monte Carlo Monaco. During 2017, the ASG Group entered the American market. ASG North America was founded in San Diego, California, acquiring Ellsworth mountain bikes and becoming a distributor for SCICON USA.


ASG group