All Ftech products are manufactured entirely Italy. We use only the best and most innovative fabrics available in the market to consistently guarantee the highest quality standards and product superiority.

Techno-Fabric Made in Italy

Polyester and elastane fabric. Breathable, bi-elastic, light, and soft. It hugs the body without compressing too much. The unmistakable silk look and feel distinguishes it from others, without losing the technical characteristics. It is resistant to peeling, creams and sun oils. HydroFtex ™ protects against UV rays with UPF 50+ factor. Standard certificate 100 of Oeko-Tex®. All of which has been studied for summer garments.

Techno-Fabric Made in Italy

Lycra® fabric with Elastomer yarn Power M.I.T.I. It is ideal for dealing with hot and humid conditions. The dynamic fabric structure guarantees high resistance to abrasion, excellent elasticity, quick drying and breathability. Lycra® PowerFteX ™ is dynamic in the way that it changes to comfortably fit the athletes muscles and body during performance, and then returns to its original state after use. Studied for summer garments.

Techno-Fabric Made in Italy

Innovative fabric in polyamide bi-elastic micro-mesh. It guarantees the natural evaporation of sweat, leaving the skin of the athlete fresh and dry and avoiding unpleasant irritation. When used in combination with other fabrics, NetFtex ™ creates perfect ergonomic, aerodynamic garments for summer.

Techno-Fabric Made in Italy

Techno-bi-elastic fabric, warm, soft and light. It has a good resistance to abrasion, perfect wearability, is bacteriostatic. Raking inside to increase thermal insulation. The excellent breathability favors the natural evaporation of sweat, preventing the proliferation of bacteria. Perfect for autumn and winter garments.

Techno-Fabric Made in Italy

Lightweight, windproof, waterproof, soft and water-repellent fabric. Coupled with a hydrophilic membrane to ensure absolute wind protection and water resistance. Naturally blocks the air without compromising the body’s perspiration. Equipped with millions of microscopic pores, it allows the sweat to be quickly transferred to the outside, keeping the body dry.

Techno-Fabric Made in Italy

Exceptionally light fabric made with Resistex® Carbon and Dryarn® yarn. Absorbs and disperses the electrical charges accumulated from the outside during physical activity, speeds up the evaporation of sweat, and decreases the concentration of lactic acid. Guaranteed to keep your body temperature cool in summer and warm in winter. Particularly resistant to dirt and wear. Designed for underwear garments.